Dodge Dart: Predictions For 2013 Sales

Predicting a car's future sales isn't an easy thing to do, however, when it comes to the Dodge Dart, several things come out of the woodwork and make it clear that this car has huge potential. Dodge have labelled it as a "Cheap, fun and fast car", and experts at various motor reviewing companies have reviewed the car as a solid buy for anyone looking for a compact car.
Rated at rank 9 for the most affordable car on on the USNews review, this car has the potential to be 'The Big Hit' of 2013, however, it's launch was labelled by Marketwatch as "One of the 8 biggest flops of 2012", selling only 4,500 darts in November, compared to the similar Honda Civic, which sold over 30,000.

So this seems like quite the predicament for the little Dart, with good reviews, good pricing and a neat 27 miles to the galleon in an urban area (41mpg when on highways), however it seems that the Dart has flopped on it's potential marketing and advertising campaign.

Is this cute little car a lost cause? Let down by it's marketing and advertisement campaigns? Definitely not! The sales for the Dodge Dart have increased since November, and are continuing to, as you can see here, the sales are just under double of January 2013, from that of November 2012. This implies that word of mouth is helping with the sales figures, as more and more happy customers are telling friends and blogs and reviewers of their good experiences with the Dart.

The Dodge Dart, whilst having a shaky start to it's launch in 2012, could gain a full recovery by mid 2013, and by fall, most likely have exceeded expectations in terms of sales, thanks to it's brilliant mpg mileage and usefulness for urban scenes. Many have little trust in the Dart, which seems peculiar, as most, if not all reviews are positive and enthusiastic about the little Dart and it's brilliant performance.

It is recommended to test drive any motor before purchasing, and that still stands when checking out the Dart, you will also benefit from having a professional sales representative there to assist you with your needs. Checking out your local dealers that offer different brands of auto-mobile, such as can be more than useful, as they will give you a non biased, professional viewpoint on the car that would best fit your needs. More than likely, they will also enable you to test drive the car before purchase as well.

It seems infuriating that such a quality car, that has such large potential, and great reviews already from consumers who have driven it, has lost out on valuable sales due to it's awareness and advertisement campaign. However, with the new year already showing signs of increased awareness towards being green and lowering carbon emissions on a global scale, the Dodge Dart has huge potential to boom in mid 2013 and exceed many expectations and sales predictions.

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