The Hidden Costs of Car :-)

When looking for a new car, the formula for deciding which one is right for us is usually pretty straightforward. We’ll think about what we’d like, figure out the cost, and then make an informed decision. If we can buy it, great; if we can’t, on to the next one. However, this approach is flawed. There are many hidden costs of owning a car, which jacks the price up far beyond the initial cost. Take the five below, for instance.

In the Event of an Accident

Yes, it’s no surprise that requiring car repairs is going to cost you money, but do you know just how wildly different repair costs can be? It all depends on your vehicle. If you’re pushed the boat and bought a relatively expensive car, then when it comes to repairs you’ll find that your bill is much bigger than if you owned a popular, inexpensive vehicle. Even if you’re getting a great deal on what should be an expensive vehicle, don’t forget the higher cost of repairing the damage.


It’s not just about car repairs. Replacing the basics and taking care of car maintenance can also be expensive if you choose a car that’s expensive. For example, if you have a Mercedes Benz then you might need to buy special windshield wipers, and you'll need to replace the tires from time to time, too. While there will be discount options for these replacement parts, the car will have been designed to work best with specific brands. If you only have one choice of manufacturer to replace the essentials, then you don’t have much wiggle room to grab a bargain.

Keeping it Safe

If you’ve splashed the cash to get a nice car, then you’ll also need to keep it secure. This might mean parking in a secure parking unit - rather than on the street - when you’re out on the town and keeping it in your garage when you’re at home. Both of these will attract a much higher cost than if you didn’t have to worry about the car’s safety, so factor these considerations into the overall cost before you buy.

Insurance Considerations

Everyone knows that insurance is a necessity when you own a car, but they might know just how variable insurance policies can be. You’ll pay more depending on where you live, the type of car you have, and even what you do for your job. A doctor's car insurance premium will be higher than someone who works from home, for instance, because the doctor works long hours in a high-stress job. Additionally, if you have a high-end car made from expensive parts, you’ll also need to pay more for your insurance, because they’re more expensive to replace. And remember: this is an annual cost (though it may go down if circumstances change).

Resale Values

And finally, before buying any car, it’s best to check out its resale values. Buying a car that depreciates quickly could cost you thousands if you choose it over a vehicle that holds its value well.

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