Buying the first car!

Buying a first car is an exciting time in the minds of most people. The freedom it affords you is difficult to not dream about day after day before you make the intended purchase. Not only will it give you a chance to complete your errands yourself, but it will also free up time for better recreation with friends.

However, getting a new car is never as simple as it sounds. We’ve described the details of purchasing a new car in our article here, but there are some important thoughts you should have beforehand.

There are so many variables to consider both with the purchase, driving correctly and insuring the car properly that learning all of these contingencies can take a good few weeks or even months. Sometimes, in the effort to learn as much about being a responsible car owner as you can, it can be easy to completely forget simple ideas such as: what do I do the moment I drive the car off the lot?

This guide is here to help you develop the right attitudes and behaviours that will allow you to be a responsible and aware driver from the word ‘go.’

Responsibly Remove Your Car From The Lot

As soon as you’ve purchased the car, it can be tempting to dive in the driver's seat and flare your new achieved driving licence all over town. This is your legal right (so long as you are driving responsibly,) but there is a more responsible course of action you could take. Taking your car from the lot will not only mean that you’re immediately having to adjust to a new car and the way it controls on the road (which is something that isn’t easy for a new driver,) but depending on how far you’ve travelled from the lot; you might have to contend with a driving distance that isn’t comfortable for you.

These two factors can contribute to making your time on the road as a new driver one that is less safe than it could be. You can then take the time to adjust to your new vehicle around your home streets, the streets you know.

Understand Your Car Depreciates In Value

The moment your car leaves the lot, you can be sure that hundreds, if not thousands of dollars have been lost from its sale value. It’s for this reason that you should be certain of the car you’re signing for and insuring before you do retrieve it from the car lot. If you’re not that skilled with cars, consider bringing someone along who knows what they’re talking about to sniff out any bad deal you might have been tempted into otherwise.

Get FULL Cover

If you haven’t already applied full breakdown cover to your car before you drive it or transport it off the lot, you are technically in breach of the law. Be sure you get the best plan available. If you’re a new driver, this might be more expensive, but you can be sure it’s worth being overly covered than not covered optimally.

Follow these simple tips, and you’ll have a great first day as car owner.

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