Understanding the Popularity of the Ford Fiesta

Car models come and go, with a large market and plenty of competition in the field. However, there are some which seem to endure, retaining their popularity year after year.

The Ford Fiesta is the best-selling car that’s ever been seen in the UK, overtaking the Ford Escort back in 2014. The appetite for the Fiesta shows no signs of subsiding and here are just a few reasons why.


The price isn’t everything but it certainly plays a big part in the popularity of any particular car model. For the Ford Fiesta, the affordable price tag has contributed to its position as number one vehicle in the UK.

Even when it was first launched several decades ago, the Fiesta was known for being a reasonable price. As the models have evolved and features added, the Ford Fiesta has continued to be affordable. Other cars have come along, some of which were cheaper than the Fiesta, but none have been able to rival the combination of its world class reputation, high level of features and price. Check out availability from availability from dealer reviews co uk to find your very own Fiesta and discover for yourself just why they’re quite such a popular car.


A car is a big investment and reliability is a major factor for most people. Knowing that the car is going to start in the morning and that they’re not going to be left stranded are of huge importance; there’s no point having a car that looks pretty but constantly refuses to start!

In five generations of Ford Fiesta, there has only been 23 recalls and these have generally been for fairly trivial issues. This backs up the fact that reliability and Fiesta go hand in hand; it’s the kind of car you can buy without worrying about whether it’s constantly going to break down.

Small yet surprisingly spacious

As a supermini, it’s reasonable to expect the Ford Fiesta to feel pretty small on the inside but the opposite is true. Once the doors are open and you’re inside, it’s a bit like Dr Who’s Tardis with far more room than you could have imagined.

The Ford Fiesta has grown marginally over the years, by 20.5cm in total, but no matter which generation you buy, the cabin and the boot are both very roomy. In the latest generation, there’s 1093 litres of space for storage if you flip the back seats down, a generous capacity indeed.

Responsive driving

As well as the overall aesthetics, one of the vital elements is how the car drives. Even if it’s totally affordable, if it doesn’t handle well it’s never going to be a big hit.

The Fiesta has a well-balanced chassis which delivers precision driving which together with sharp and responsive steering make the Fiesta a joy to take on the road.

Get your very own!

The Ford Fiesta continues to be the nation’s favourite car and you too can become one of the legion of owner drivers.

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