5 Must Have Tools You Need in Your Car

You will no doubt have checked your car over before heading out on any kind of long trip but unfortunately things can and do go wrong and when they do it can be a real lifesaver if you have the right tools to hand.

Breaking down is never fun but if you have a few key essential tools with you, it can make all the difference between fixing the car up enough to get it to a garage, and having to sit for hours by the side of the road.

It goes without saying that your car should always be equipped with a working spare tyre and kit to replace it with, as well as a first aid and breakdown kit in the boot, but here are five other tools which we think you should always carry in your car:

A Life Hammer

This is a small tool which was created in the Netherlands and can facilitate escape from a car in the event of a crash. It is small and portable so can be mounted anywhere in the car using tape or Velcro.

This multi-purpose tool can be used to cut through a seat belt or to smash a window, to help you and passengers get out of a car if it has been damaged or even overturned following an accident.

You can mount it somewhere visible but it also has a glow in the dark feature helping you to find it no matter what the circumstances might be.

A Multi-Use Wrench

This was recommended to us by Darren at Big Motoring World and is a fantastic tool – you just need one wrench but it is capable of working with many varieties of nuts and bolts of different sizes so perfect for working on a car. It’s also quite compact, only around 10 inches long, so easy and convenient to keep in your car.

If you need to change a tyre urgently or undo any other nuts and bolts following damage to the car, this is an ideal tool to have in the back of the car just in case. It’s much easier to carry one of these around than a full toolkit.

A Tow Strap

Much stronger than a rope, a two strap is made of webbing and double-stitched for extra durability. One of these can be up to 30 feet in length and capable of pulling around 30,000 pounds in weight.

A tow strap can be used for towing but also if you need to pull something heavy out of the way, for example, a fallen branch blocking the road and it will hold enough to pull your vehicle out of a difficult situation if you need it.

A high speed portable battery charger

Having a portable battery charger with you, which doesn’t take hours to charge your car, can be a life saver, helping you to boost the battery and at least get you enough juice to get to a garage to change the battery if it has died.

The portable battery charger can be a great edition, particularly if you find yourself nowhere near any other vehicles for a jump start. Just make sure the battery charger has its own independent power supply and doesn’t rely on the car to work…

A Multi-Tool/Swiss Army Knife

A multi-tool or Swiss army knife is the perfect tool to have in the car for any kind of emergency situation, or even if you are heading off into the great outdoors for a spot of family camping!

This tool can strip wires, bend into shape, cut plastic and open bottles. It contains pliers, scissors, screwdriver, wire cutters and knives so can come in incredibly handy for many situations involving your car.

Extra – A tyre repair kit and portable tyre inflator

As an extra tool which is always handy just in case of a puncture or other tyre damage, a tyre repair kit and portable tyre inflator are really handy tools to have in the car. These will enable you to get your tyre into a position that you can get the car to the nearest garage potentially, particularly if you can’t use the spare for any reason.

Driving should be a fun activity but when your car breaks down, or worse, you are involved in an accident, it can be a frightening and worrying time, particularly if you find yourself alone and at night.

However, by having these five handy tools in your car, you will have a much better chance of being able to get out of a damaged car, or of repairing damaged tyres and other problems so that you can get your car across to the nearest garage for a full repair.

There are many other useful things to take with you, particularly on a long drive, but these five tools could make a big difference.

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